7 Reasons to exercise at home

7 Reasons to exercise at home

We all know we should be more active, but not everyone likes the gym! While they have all the equipment and machines, it’s not an environment that everyone finds to be positive and productive. Perhaps you’d be better exercising in the comfort of your own home.

It can be quite intimidating walking into a room where everyone seems to know what they are doing, are kitted out in the attest gym fashions and move seemingly effortlessly through their routine.  There are many factors that can put people off heading to the gym.  It could be the wrong music, being in a room full of sweaty strangers, feeling clueless about how to use all those machines, the emotional baggage of school PE, or seeing the gym’s marketing and feeling that you’re not going to fit in. Or more often the lack of time or motivation to get there or simply the cost is justified for the number of times you can get there.

So there are lots of advantages to doing your work outs at home. If you are thinking you don’t have the space you’d be surprised. I’ve trained with clients in a small conservatory, front rooms and spare rooms. Most of my own training is done in a spare box room at home!  And you don’t need a mass of exercise equipment to get active.

So here are 7 good reasons to start working out at home

  1. It’s convenient – No matter how close you live or work to your gym, it still needs motivation to get your kit together and head over there for your workout or class. When you work out at home you can fit it in anytime you want, and don’t have to work round the gym opening times or class schedules.
  2. It’s time efficient – If you are making the effort to head over to the gym its not a quick visit. You feel obliged to make the journey worthwhile with a long session. At home it’s easier to fit in more frequent shorter workouts that better suit your schedule – for example some short HIIT sessions. And there is no wasting time or interference to your routine from waiting for the equipment you want.
  3. It’s cost effective – There’s no monthly fee and it doesn’t cost you anything to get there. You don’t need to buy any expensive equipment to be able to do a great home workout.  One or two months gym fees would cover the cost of a few bits of equipment to meet most people’s needs.
  4. It’s private – Being in your own space just brings with it a sense of security.   No-one is looking on (or seeing you reflected in a multitude of mirrors), so you can wear whatever you want and do whatever you want without people staring or judging. Also no-one can see your face as you grimace and groan through those last few reps. Or judge you if are exhausted and need a rest half way through a session. Plus you always get to work out to your choice of music!
  5. Involve your family – Working out at home can be a good way to get the whole family active as your enthusiasm for exercise rubs off on your other half or the kids.
  6. You can take it outside – When the weather is good, who wants to spend time in the window less, air conditioned box that are most gyms. If you’re at home you can take your workout into the garden and get a bit of fresh air.
  7. It’s just as effective – Even without all the kit that you’d find in your local gym you can put together a really effective workout. You can achieve a lot just with simple body weight exercises, or a few simple bits of kit. So you’ll still be getting all those fantastic benefits of exercise and moving towards your goals.


Simple home workout

To get you started, here is a simple workout you can do at home with no special kit needed.

Have a good warm up and then run through these 6 simple bodyweight exercises as a circuit. Run through 2 or 3 times – or alternatively run through as many times as you can in say 30 minutes.

  • Bodyweight Squats x20
  • Push ups x 20
  • Lunges x 20
  • Tricep dips x 20
  • Ab crunches x 20
  • Lower back crunches 20

Finally, as always ensure you finish with a good cool  down, and some stretches of the muscle groups you’ve used.